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Is this possible? Is it actually possible to get rich and attain wealth with the use of something called Money Spells?

Sit back and relax my friend as you are about to learn about a fantastic and extremely easy way many people like yourself are attracting wealth and getting rich by using one of the easiest forms of building wealth and that is known at “Attraction Energies” or to put it simple, Money Spells!

Everywhere you look you see the same silly words!


This nonsense is everywhere you look. It is amazing people actually buy into this. The fact is there is a far easier way to Get Rich and attract Money into your life.

Ever notice how some people seem to always get lucky and do well?

These same people always seem to have money and success just seems to fall on their laps. I’m sure you know a few. Now, I am not saying that these people have had a Spell Cast to get Rich (although they may have) but the bottom line is they possess the right attraction energies. That is all a Money Spell is actually. It is an Infusion of Attraction energies targeted to a set person or situation to bring forth what they desire.

How DO Money Spells to get Rich Work To Attract Wealth and Fortune? More importantly, how can these Spell Castings work for YOU?

When you have a Spell Casting to get Rich or Attract Fortune the energies Infuse YOU and then attract what you want. It is very similar to Love Spells in the fact the energy is designed to attract exactly what you instruct it to. Some people are fortunate enough to be born with this type of energy. This energy RADIATES and attracts good fortune into their life and makes things always go right. Success is second nature to them!

A Powerful Spell Casting to get Rich can infuse YOU with the exact same Energy. Energy that attracts nothing but Money, Riches, Fame, Fortune and Success. The choice is yours. Spells to get Rich are very effective and very safe to have cast. In addition, you can find Custom Money Magic as well where you can actually request exactly what you desire. This is a very popular Money Spell.

Yes! You CAN get Rich using a Money Spell Attraction Casting.

Professional Money Spells to Attract Fortune, Fame, Success, Employment, Luck, Gambling Success and More. These Money And Luck Spells can be found at:

Alister Redding is a professional on the subject of Money Spells and Attraction Energies and teaches the subject to students weekly.

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If you want to cast Magic Spells and Use magic you must know several things. You must be aware of a few basic facts that play a major role in the basics of Love Spell Casting. How well your Magic Spell actually turns out is based on several factors. These basic factors of Magic are…

How much experience do you have in casting Magic Spells?
Do you have the Real Spell that can deliver results in a fast and safe manner?
Does the Love Spell you want to cast or have cast contain the RIGHT components?
Where did you find the actual Love Spell you want cast? Was it from a Caster with a good reputation and a long history of Magic Castings to help people like yourself?

The art of Spell Casting can be very easy or very complicated depending on where you start and what kind of Magic training you get. If you have zero training in Magic Spell Casting then it is very important that you find a very basic Magic Spell that you can cast from simple items around the house. These Free Castings you can usually find around the net under the terms FREE LOVE SPELLS TO CAST AT HOME or something similar. They should have directions on How To Cast Love Spells with them. Searching this way you will find exactly the kind of Free Casting you need to begin with.

When you find the free Spell you desire make sure it is from a reputable source. Anyone can throw together a Spell and make it look legit so be sure the information you get is from a real Spell Caster.

Real Magic will have items like…

Red or pink candles
Flower pedals
A picture of your Lover will be required
Water (rain water)
A personal item from your lover

The above items are just a few items you will find in legit and real Castings or Free Spells. If the Spell you are looking at DOES NOT have any of the above items it does NOT mean it is a fake. This is just a simple reference list that you can use to ensure the casting they have listed is actually real. If the Spell Casting requires a Pink Candle and a Picture, the odds are very good it is legit


That is the big question pertaining to all Spell Castings and Spell Casters. The answer is actually not very simple. You see, every Spell Casting is meant for a different case or situation. Every case is different so every casting will produce different results at a different time frame.

Free Castings that you find should always be from a professional and reputable caster. Do a bit of research and compare one to another. Soon, you will be able to see what is real and what is not in the world of Magic.

Of course to hire professional Casters to have proven results is the best bet or you can get the right training into How To Cast Love Spells yourself. Either way, it is best to educate yourself as you are now on the matter and subject.

Many times it is best to use a professional to cast the Love Spells you need cast out. Professional Spells and Love Spell Casting that are Guaranteed can be located at:

Master A. Redding is an associate of Extreme Spells and Extreme Love Spells and is a professional Spell Casting instructor and guide.

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Witchcraft has become so popular and more accepted in the last decade or so, that there is a huge range of books and courses on offer where you can learn how to cast spells for beginners, carry out full moon spells and rituals plus a lot more. The craft is huge and far reaching and it takes a lifetime to learn all the exciting ways to work real magic spells, honor the Sabbats, make incense, brews and oil blends. It really is endless and there are many pagan groups that are open for new people to join.

If you are a beginner, do however look out for those offering free black magic spells, break up spells, black magic love spells, free revenge spells, real black magic, free voodoo spells, spells and curses or voodoo love spells. This seems quite a list of things to look out for, but there are some unscrupulous characters around.

Here is a ritual which will stand you in good stead as the basis for any spell.

Firstly decide what your goal is. What would you like the outcome of your spell to achieve? By starting with the end in mind, this helps us to have our consciousness in the goal instead of the obstacles, which is a very important start for weaving a successful spell. You can write this down or draw it. Some people make a vision board and cut out pictures from magazines and journals and include artistically written words to help them connect with the end goal. This is also good if drawing isn’t your strong point!

Once you have done this it is important to cleanse yourself and the atmosphere. You can make yourself a ritual bath with a drop each of rosemary, sandalwood, myrrh and frankincense essential oils. This clears the energies of the day away and sets the mind for focused work. Breath in the aromas as you concentrate on your ritual goal.

Preferably you should be alone in your house (or outside) or at least have a room to yourself where you know you won’t be disturbed. Once back in the ritual room, smolder some incense of 2 parts frankincense, 1 part Myrrh and 1/2 part cinnamon. Light some candles, ideally green for north, red for south, blue for west and yellow or white for east. Place these candles around you in a circle in the appropriate quarters and stand in the middle.

Now draw a circle with your hand outstretched three times around you, visualizing white light coming out of your hand. Some use a wand or athame (ritual knife) for this but for beginners, your hand is fine. With your circle of white light around you, you are now ready to start your spell. Sit in the middle of your circle and take your drawing or written goal. Recite out loud and keep it where you can see it. Visualize your goal manifest. You are being it, having it, it is yours. Now close the circle by ‘undrawing’ the circle, anticlockwise this time. Thank the quarters for their presence.

It is lovely to cast these works of magic for yourself. Free white magic spells are a gift to us all and are our birthright to perform. We each have the power within us. Remember to record your workings, as your book of shadows spells are always very helpful to look up for future times.

So, any spells for beginners can be started this way and will help you towards any future desires you may have.

Annabelle Wooldridge is an expert in How to Cast Spells. Annabelle will show you how to cast spells.

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Free white magic spells can be easily found online. However, finding spells and knowing how to use them are two different things and it can help to have some instructions! So in order to help you find the right free white magic spell for you and maximise its potential I have out together some tips to get you started.

1) Firstly, go for the free white magic spell you’re drawn to. It may not be the one that you were originally searching for but listen to your instincts as they may be telling you something important about what you really need!

2) Spells are not easy to cast and you should not expect to be able to choose something advanced and succeed at your first attempt. Witches spend years perfecting their craft – it is called this for a reason. So if this your first attempt at spell work go for something basic and don’t worry if it takes you a few attempts to see a difference.

3) If you find a free white magic spell that you like but don’t feel it is totally right for you what you want, it is actually possible to make some simple adjustments. In fact, a personal touch to a spell can make it all the more potent. It’s best not to tamper too much with the structure and wording of the spell, but it is fine to use something personal in place of another ingredient or item. It can also help if you write what is known as a written statement of intent to include at a convenient point of the spell. Write out a small piece on what you hope to achieve from your spell or any thoughts and dreams. Then read it out during your spell casting.

4) The power of a spell comes not from the spell itself but from within you. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are fully prepared and in the right frame of mind. Do not attempt a spell when you are tired or stressed. First make sure that you are open and that your energies are flowing so try some meditation beforehand or maybe a scented bath. Make sure that your mind is clear before starting.

5) Give your free white magic spell time. Even though you may want something to happen immediately, the universal wisdom of the earth that you are working with may have a different plan for you! It may be that more work is needed or that there is a better time for this to happen for you. So try to be patient and look for signs that the changes you desire are starting to happen.

6) Give something back. Wicca and witchcraft are based on principles of universal energies and so if you are wanting something it is reasonable that you should ‘top up’ the energies by returning the favour! So give something to charity or say something kind or comforting to someone. Anything to make sure that the positive energies stay circulating.

I hope this gives you an idea of how to choose free white magic spells and how to go about casting them in the most effective way. I have free spells on my personal blog as well as info on witchcraft and Wiccan in general.


I’m so excited to present this magical spells blog. I will share my knowledge and insights with you regarding Magical Spells and how you can use spells to change your current life situation.

All spells on this blog are white magic and will never hurt or harm anyone in anyway. They are all performed using pure love and vibrational energy.

Magical Spell performed in the right way with pure love and light have been used since time began in many cultures with amazing success.

Often people are afraid of spells and this is mainly because they do not fully understand the process and that they are done for the highest good of all.

Some people are involved in spells that harm others but you will not find anything like that on this blog. My aim is to offer you insights and information on how to use magical spells to bring love and light into your life and the lives of others.

Spells and manifestation are very connected and in my mind they are the same. A spell performed for the highest good of all people involved can only bring about a positive result.

I will be offering regular updates on how to transform your life using spells for may different life situations including attracting love, health, reconciling relationships. money, wealth, prosperity, career and busness.

So please call back and check out the amazing free spells information to learn how to change your life with the power of magical spells.


I wish you to join me on an amazing journey into the world of magical spells and how to transiform your life to one of happines, joy and filled with love, romance and wealth.

Today people are talking about the infinite power to manifest anything we wish to desire.  Spells are a form of manifestation and when done with pure white light and with the intention to harm no one, the results are  amazing, and many people have seen outstanding results in a very short period of time.

Spells are rituals which send out energy to the universe on what you would like to manifest in your life.  Its like a cosmic order to the Divine and many people have manifested exactly what they want in their lives by casting a simple spell with the clear intent of exactly what they wish to receive in their life.

My blog will offer great information, tips, rituals and resources on how you can learn to perform your own magical spells and receive what you want in your life.

All spells listed on this blog are performed using love and white light energy which is for the highest good of all people involved.